• Grand Opening

    In 2016 HFX painting went from idea to inseption, after being asked from friends and family for painting services, Dave decided to take the CEED program for his business and create HFX painting.

  • Inception

    After taking the CEED program to start a business, Dave knew he needed to netowork to get his name out there. Going to business meetups, networking, and calling property owners was how he landed a lot of his first clients.

  • Growth

    Growth, in 2018 HFX painting saw its most growth since it started. Going from a one man shop to hvaing a team of 10, HFX painting landed larger jobs with The Lord Nelson Hotel and Park Lane mall.

  • Craft

    After the growth HFX painting saw in 2018, word spread from their great work to the QE2 Home Lotto, in the spring/summer of 2019 HFX Painting has completed their most prized jobs. They worked with the QE2 to paing the QE2 Home Lotto Cottage in Chester, NS.